The Nature of the work


My coaching is based on a foundation of kindness, empathy, and authenticity. I am your advocate as you explore what is artistically important and true for you.

Our first session is a process of discovery for both of us. You have a chance to think and talk about what brings you to the work, and to ask me any questions. I ask you a lot of questions, too, so I can learn more about you. And we both start getting an idea of how we will work together. 

After that, we meet regularly, so we can build on our discoveries cumulatively over time and keep the momentum going.


My skills and talents as a coach are enhanced by decades of varied experience as a performing musician, studio producer, actor, director, film producer, writer, and master class presenter. 

I see clients in person and online, across the U.S. and internationally.

You and I work on a professional-to-professional basis. Both of us take your artistry and our work seriously.


I support you and advocate for you, and provide you with fresh perspectives. Using the specialized expertise I’ve gained from many years as a coach and as a professional in the performing and media arts, and based on our discussions and discoveries, I recommend exercises or techniques for you to try as we go along. I push you at times to venture out of your comfort zone, because often that is where the most exciting discoveries can be made. 

Even so, I encourage you to decide whether or not to utilize or incorporate anything I offer or suggest, based on your own judgment, intuition, experience, and artistic sensibility. When you make your own choices about what’s artistically true for you, I’m not only okay with it, I celebrate it.


My coaching practice is ethical, inclusive, and non-judgmental. Integrity is a guiding principle in my work.

There are no testimonials or client lists of any kind on this site because my practice is confidential. This helps foster trust between us, which helps you feel safe to do the work, which helps make the work rewarding for you.

You get no hard sell from me, no programs or packages to sign up for, no products to buy, no offer of “10 easy tips for success.” You work with me because you want to delve into your artistry and your artistic choices, and because the work is inspiring, energizing, and intrinsically valuable.