Coaching Services

Musicians and Bands

  • Career-spanning artistic support
  • Development and deepening of material and artistry
  • Exploration of artistic intention and identity
  • Songwriting/creative coaching
  • Pre-production and post-production consulting
  • Vocal tracks producing services

Theatre, Screen, and Voice actors

  • Scene work
  • Character study
  • Project-specific preparation
  • Artistic grounding
  • Recording session prep and producing services

Directors and Playwrights

  • Script analysis
  • Artistic consulting
  • Project genesis exploration
  • Show shaping
  • Workshop assessments and strategies


  • Support during draft and revision process
  • Preparation for author readings and book tours
  • Creative growth exploration
  • Artistic rejuvenation
  • Consulting and producing services for audiobook projects


  • Clarification of practitioner identity
  • Identification of practice goals
  • Development of intentional methods and standards
  • Ongoing practitioner support